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The 6 Most Advanced Services Offered by Gliderol Roller Door Repairs Adelaide

Gliderol roller door repairs Adelaide is one of the most trusted companies in Australia to provide professional, quality services for roller door repairs. Their team of experienced technicians offer a wide range of services, but their six most advanced services stand out above the rest. From installation and maintenance to repairs and upgrades, Gliderol roller door repairs Adelaide provides customers with the highest service and expertise. This blog post will look at the six most advanced services offered by Gliderol roller door repairs Adelaide.

Automatic Doors and Gliderol garage door service Adelaide

Gliderol Roller Door Repairs Adelaide is a trusted source for automatic doors and access control systems. Their services include installing and repairing all types of automatic door systems, from biometric access, card access, and CCTV surveillance to electric fencing and intercom systems. Gliderol garage door service Adelaide has been providing high-quality steel cutting Adelaide for many years. Their expertise in this field means their customers get only the best regarding automatic door services. Gliderol’s automatic doors are designed to provide a reliable, secure entrance to any building. Depending on the customer’s needs, they come with features such as infrared sensors, keypad locks, or magnetic locks. Gliderol’s experienced team of engineers can customize a system to suit the individual needs of any business. Additionally, all Gliderol automatic door systems have a warranty for peace of mind.

Gliderol roller door repairs AdelaideBiometric Access

Gliderol Roller Door Repairs Adelaide proudly offers the most advanced biometric access services for residential and commercial applications. Biometric access, also known as fingerprint access, allows for secure access to your property without needing a key or passcode. Using advanced fingerprint scanning technology, Gliderol garage door service Adelaide can provide you with enhanced security and peace of mind. Biometric access is ideal for office spaces, warehouses and even residential properties where security is a priority. We understand that safety and security are paramount. We use the latest technology and cutting-edge steel cutting Adelaide tools to ensure our clients’ biometric access systems remain highly secure. With biometric access, you can rest assured that only those with the right credentials can enter your premises.

Card Access

One of the most secure services offered by Gliderol Roller Door Repairs Adelaide is card access. Card access systems allow you to control and monitor the people who enter your home, garage or other secured area. This system involves scanning cards and ensuring only authorized personnel can enter the premises. It is perfect for ensuring that only those who should be allowed into your home can access it. With Gliderol garage door service Adelaide, you can customize your card access to include various features such as time-stamped entries, access to certain areas, and record keeping. Furthermore, the system is designed to be tamper-proof so that unauthorized personnel cannot access your home or garage. You can also choose from various card types to suit your needs, including magnetic stripe cards, smart cards, and proximity cards.

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV (closed-circuit television) surveillance is a great way to monitor and keep your premises secure. Gliderol roller door repairs Adelaide offer a range of CCTV surveillance solutions for your home or business, depending on your needs. Using the latest technology, our experienced technicians can install cameras around your property that can be monitored anywhere in the world. This allows you to monitor your home or business from anywhere, anytime. With CCTV cameras, you can rest assured that any suspicious activity can be monitored and addressed quickly and efficiently.

Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is one of Adelaide’s most advanced services offered by Gliderol roller door repairs. It provides an extra layer of security to protect your property from intruders and burglars. Electric fencing systems work by sending electric shocks to anyone who attempts to breach the fence. This ensures that any intruder is immediately deterred and will not be able to gain access to your property. Electric fencing can also be used with other security measures, such as CCTV surveillance and card access systems, to provide a comprehensive security solution. Gliderol roller door repairs Adelaide offers a range of electric fencing solutions tailored to your individual requirements. Their experienced technicians can also provide expert advice on the best solution for your property and budget.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are a great way to enhance the security of your roller door repairs Adelaide. Gliderol Roller Door Repairs Adelaide offers advanced intercom systems that allow you to communicate with visitors at your front door from anywhere in your home or office. Intercoms provide two-way communication between the visitor and yourself, enabling you to ask them who they are and why they are there, before deciding whether or not to grant access. Additionally, some intercom systems come with added features such as video cameras, which give you the ability to see who is at your door before granting access. Intercoms can also be linked to other security systems like CCTV cameras, electric fencing and card access systems, allowing for increased levels of security. Gliderol Roller Door Repairs Adelaide offers professional installation and maintenance of all intercom systems.


Gliderol Roller Door Repairs Adelaide provides an extensive range of advanced services to keep your home or business safe and secure. Whether you need automatic doors, biometric access, card access, CCTV surveillance, electric fencing, or intercom systems, Gliderol Roller Door Repairs Adelaide has the solutions you need. Their experienced technicians have the skills and knowledge to install and maintain all of these services, ensuring that your property remains safe and secure. Contact them today to discuss your needs and find out how they can help keep your property secure.

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